Volvo S60 Review

The executive saloon market is one of the most competitive sectors in the market. The Swedish firm Volvo, doesn’t seem to be having any trouble keeping up with the competition. The S60 is able to hold its own even with stiff German competition.

Volvo is quickly losing their image of producing practical and less attractive vehicles. The firm’s latest generation of cars are stylish, luxurious, well-made and provide exceptionally good value when compared to rival brands. The firm does lag behind in the executive image area. Badge conscious buyers want something they can flaunt at work and at play with loads of style. The Volvo is still somewhat considered a car for practical minded buyers. Volvo does give their cars many positive attributes, with the top one being safety. All Volvos come with a high level of safety kit as standard. What Volvos lack in the way of style and image, they make up for two-fold in safety.


Compared to the prices of its rivals, the S60 is a great bargain. The car offers buyers good value for money with high levels of equipment. Fuel economy and servicing will run high, but residual values should be good when it comes time to sell. The S60 provides excellent head and legroom for all front and rear passengers. The cabin can accommodate five adults comfortably and the boot is large enough to accommodate most regularly sized items, such as groceries, or golf clubs. The controls and dials are well thought out and well placed of course. Volvo is well known for their attention to detail in the cabin area. All of the car’s controls are logically placed and easy to use and have an excellent feel to them. The S60 is extremely comfortable, and all noise for the most part is successfully suppressed. The car provides a quiet, comfortable and refined ride.The car provides excellent accessibility as well. The door apertures are wide and access to the seats is straightforward. Access to the car’s rear seats may be a little more difficult for passengers over six feet tall, but once inside even taller passengers should enjoy plenty of headroom. The car can be a little tricky to park. The steering is slightly heavy at low speeds and can make maneuvering the car difficult. Parking sensors are available as a cost-option and are highly advised.

Life Style

The T5 version is the most desirable model being offered. However, the S60 handles pretty well, too, featuring the widest platform in its class and offering plenty of grip. It may not be as much fun as some of the rivals, but it does offer higher levels of equipment, at a far lesser price. This is probably not going to make a good primary family vehicle. There is a serious lack of legroom in the back for larger passengers, and the boot is decent but may not accommodate all the items that accompany family life. If you just want a Volvo, there are more suitable family Volvos available.This is not a first car. It is too expensive and impractical as a first car. There are tons of better first cars available. Volvo’s drive to establish itself at the premium end of the market might be closer to reality now thanks to the S60 model. The company’s high level of standard and quality can’t be ignored, while being offered at a fraction of what rivals cost. Volvo is seriously beginning to give the German greats a run for their money.

Security and Safety

The car comes standard with an anti-theft alarm with an engine immoboliser and a panic function, remote central locking, and a visible Vehicle Identification Number plate. Locking wheel nuts come as standard, too. The car’s safety features include Side Impact Protection System, Anti-lock Brakes, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control, Whiplash Protection System, and an Inflatable Curtain airbag. A Blind Spot Information System is offered as a cost option.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a more than adequate sound system with excellent sound quality. The Dolby Logic Surround Sound job available as an upgrade is the best choice. The S60 looks more flattering in bolder colours. Ash Gold Pearl and Passion Red look the best on the car’s exterior design. Black Stone gives the car a more refined and toned-down look. The inside is attractively designed with Light Sand leather seats with aluminium trim detailing, black leather is optional.


The S60 is a very attractive saloon with a lot to offer buyers in the way of functionality and a very practical alternative to rival brands.

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