Peugeot 206 CC Review

The first in its class, the 206CC is an attractive three-door hatchback with a metal folding roof. The popular 1.6-litre HDi diesel engine was added to the mix for a very appealing combination. Whether cruising with the top up or down the 206 CC delivers an excellent ride.

The 206 CC’s goodlooks are very appealing and still greatly resembles the 206 even with the addition of a flat rear deck. The car looks like a very attractive coupe but can be changed into an equally attractive cabriolet in a matter of seconds. The roof requires the release of two hatches and the press of a button.The roof design cuts down on cabin space, the cabin has been shortened and the rear deck has been extended. The rear seats do not provide good passenger space and should only be used occasionally. The boot is a good size though, but when the roof is folded boot space is limited.

The 1.6-litre HDi engine provides a quiet and smooth ridewith impressive performance, even with the top down. Despite the increased weight of the CC the engine still supplies ample power. The engine also provides good fuel economy making the cabriolet very economical. The CC boasts respectable ride quality and excellent handling. Buyers will find that the CC is a very rewarding car to drive and own. The car still sports exceptional good looks and is an all-round fun car to drive.


The 206CC should be one of most inexpensive convertibles available. The car comes with a reasonable purchase price and good fuel economy. Servicing should be routine but insurance will be slightly high. The 206 CC provides adequate cabin space for front passengers, but rear passengers will not fair as well. Legroom is much more limited for rear passengers. The boot provides excellent cargo space, but when the top is down boot space becomes much more limited as well. The car’s controls and dials are straightforward and easy to use. Leather covers the steeringwheel and gearknob. The car’s instrumentation is easy to read and functional. Everything is logically located and within the driver’s reach.The car’s cabin is very comfortable for front seat passengers the seats are supportive and will be comfortable even on longer trips. The rear seats are not as comfortable and limited leg space in the rear provides comfort for short periods of time. The car provides good accessibility to the front seats, and with the top down accessibility is good all-round. Rear seat passengers will have a more difficult time with access. The car’s boot is easily accessible and shouldn’t pose any problems. Parking the Peugeot 206CC is easy with the top down and all-round visibility is excellent. Parking with the top up is another story, rear visibility is more limited and caution should be excercised when reverse parking.

 Life Style

The CC is a fun car to drive. The diesel engine provides plenty of power and the car’s steering is sharp. The suspension is firm and delivers good grip, and the car delivers a smooth but lively ride. Buyers will enjoy the ride and all the fun on offer. This is not a family car. The cabin is not spacious enough to accommodate a family and storage space is limited especially with the top down and won’t carry all the gear associated with a family life. The car could function as a second vehicle to a family or even a fun commuter car. The 307 CC is too expensive for most first time buyers. The car’s insurance rates are reasonable, but first time buyers will probably be more likely to buy the hatchback than the cabriolet. The exterior boasts exceptional style and will be very appealing to buyers. The interior boasts a unique and pleasant design. The folding top is as good quality as any top name badge on the market.

 Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include the car’s hard-top design, a Thatcham Category One alarm, deadlocks, and a locking boot. The car alarm can be activated even with the top down and the boot requires a key for entry. The car’s safety features include twin rollover hoops and increased strengthening in the windscreen and the floor. The Allure model comes with side airbags and twin front airbags and ESP.

 The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a JBL system, with eight speakers and an in-the-boot bass box. The systems out put has been increased to 240 watts. The sound quality is good and the extra output helps to maintain sound quality with the top down. Allure models come fitted with leather trim and a choice of seven exterior and three interior colours. The cabin’s dashboard is black with light leather and the glovebox is also covered with leather giving the cabin an overall classy look and feel.


The 206CC offers excellent performance and economy. The car offers good value for money with a low purchase price and a high level of specification. The 206CC should have no problem holding its own with the competition.



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