Greatest Automotive Advertising Campaigns

Volkswagen: Drivers Wanted!

The drivers wanted campaign brought you back to the basics when it comes to driving and the actual experience of it. It is devoted to the real drivers out there, who want to feel every gear shift and truly engage with their car. It brings a true sense of romanticism back to what, in Volkswagen’s eyes, was becoming a boring formulaic industry.

Honda: When things just… Work

This is one of the few adverts that I reckon will live in my memory for ever. The voice over which makes you feel like you’re in a cinema, the building up of suspense and the pure pleasure and satisfaction you feel when everything does just work, coupled with one of the best ever bass intros in hip hop’s history, makes this advert one of the all-time greatest.  It is ultimately an elaborate game of dominos using only Honda parts, but it is essentially brilliant.

BMW: MPowered Performance

The MPowered Performance campaign consisted of two adverts which demonstrated the BMW 1M’s precision. The first showed the 1M drifting through narrow BMW sized holes in a row of walls at epic speed whilst the second showed the 1M doing some wide doughnuts…. On top of a skyscraper! If this doesn’t make you want to get behind the wheel of a BMW, we don’t know what will. On the other hand we wouldn’t recommend driving like they do in the ads, as it won’t do anything for your servicing costs… or your health.

Mercedes Benz: Sorry

It is always nice to see an advert with a sense of humor, and Mercedes managed to let theirs shine through in a commercial for the Mercedes Benz E Class. The advert was clever and sophisticated with a subtle injection of humour added to the mix, demonstrating how the E-Class’s precision can be used to cheat death.

BMW: Fastest saloon car on the planet

It’s dramatic, the visuals are great and there is an excellent punch line at the end of this commercial for the BMW M5. Not much needs to be said about this commercial, apart from that it is awesome.

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