Aston Martin DBS Review

The Aston Martin DBS is one of the best looking cars in the world. It is sensational to drive, a pleasure to spend time in and is a head turner for all the right reasons wherever it goes.

What’s not to love about this brilliant GT? Okay, you’ll need incredibly deep pockets to afford the price-tag but for those with the financial wherewithal the Aston Martin DBS offers sublime styling, cheetah-like pace and a chassis that is second to none.

As well as looks to die for it is a joy to drive. The steering gives more information than a 24-hour news channel and is incredibly accurate. When you turn into a corner be prepared for an instantaneous response because this car takes bends like it’s on rails.

The V12 engine is awesome developing 512bhp. But that is only half the story as carbon fibre body panels and carbon ceramic brakes save weight giving the DBS performance figures that amaze with relatively few revs on the counter.

Press the pedal to the metal and the engine emits a deep roar that would put a lion to shame. The result of an excellent power to weight ratio is a 0-60mph sprint time of 4.3 seconds. The top speed of the DBS is 191mph and if you buy one make sure you take it on a track to appreciate its abilities in full.


This is an Aston Martin DBS so you’re not going to take the family away in one. That’s not to say it won’t handle your golf clubs, because it will. It’s just that holdalls rather than traditional suitcases are going to be the order of the day as far as luggage for the driver and passenger is concerned.

The DBS marries elegant style with even its most basic functions  – so when you unlock the car the cabin is bathed in a relaxing blue light making the luxurious leather interior all the more inviting.

There’s a metallic theme throughout the interior with lots of bare aluminium, including the gearlever which can be a bit chilly in winter. There’s also a chronograph-inspired dashboard which is a delight to look at as well as being informative for the driver.

It almost goes without saying that a comfortable position behind the wheel is easily found with all the controls and buttons well placed and simplicity itself to use.

A truly excellent GT must be able to cover great distances while making those on board feel cosseted all the way. The Aston Martin DBS does exactly that.

Life Style

Once the initial bark of the engine has died away and the car is cruising comfortably, there’s virtually nothing to disturb those ensconced in the Aston Martin DBS.

Wind and road noise are virtually non-existent and there’s just the pleasant rumble from the huge tyres to let you know you are safely on the road. Obviously the Aston Martin DBS is not the most fuel efficient vehicle ever built so there are frequent stops at petrol stations – but other than that you reach your destination with little to trouble you.

The Aston Martin DBS is an incredibly cool car. Open the door and the ‘Handbuilt in England’ legend on the kickplates tells you all you need to know about its classy pedigree. The interior uses the finest materials in a super-stylish design. The exterior is similarly top class with even the carbon fibre body panels beautifully painted and fitted.

Look after this Aston and classic car status is virtually assured. And when you think that a 1960s DB4 is now worth in the order of £250,000 it’s clear the DBS may prove a wise investment.

It may seem churlish to say, but the Aston Martin DBS isn’t the most environmentally friendly car of its type. So for those committed to a green life style choose the automatic Touchtronic model to keep emissions to a minimum.

Security and Safety

All the usual precautions are taken against theft and the Aston Martin DBS is also fitted with a security tracking system.

All Aston Martin DBS models are fitted with driver and passenger airbags. The expected level of electronic wizardry is included with the aim of keeping the car on the road. A security tracking system comes as standard.

The Finishing Touches

There’s a stereo system that makes it sound like you’re sitting in the Royal Albert Hall rather than an Aston Martin DBS. It can also be set up to control your iPod. The car comes with an efficient satellite navigation system and Bluetooth connectivity for your mobile phone.

There’s also climate control to ensure the cabin maintains a pleasant atmosphere and a host of other goodies that come with a luxury GT like the DBS.

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